How much do you know about health insurance? 

Hello to everyone reading this blog.  I’m starting a blog to share my knowledge and experiences of assisting patients/clients and their support systems to navigate the maze of health insurance and health delivery systems.  Long ago, I discovered most people do not know and/or understand their insurance coverage, levels of care and community resources or the importance of a strong support system.  That’s to say nothing of their lack of understanding on body functions, disease processes or that adherence to “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.  During difficult times people discover their true friends.  And in times of vulnerability, you learn just how strong your support system is.

I have worked in health care for many years in many different roles, with case management as the most recent.  I have been a certified case manager (CCM) for 14 years.  Case Management Standards of 2012 specifies a case manager’s duty is to:

  • Involve      the patient/client and/or the caregiver(s) in the decision making process.
  • Educate      all parties on insurance benefits, community resources and the transition      to available and appropriate level of care.

My goal is to instruct readers in health insurance basics along with some health care guideline and initiatives.  Knowledge empowers the patient/client to be more involved with informed decision making in routine or critical situations.  It will also spotlight some financial pitfalls for patients and/or their support systems.

My blog’s purpose is to “shed light on” the above topics.  I will use fictional characters to portray actual scenarios.  The doctor character is “Dr. Kildare”, a childhood television character.  The case manager’s name is Kegan which is combined letters from of my granddaughters’ names.  The support person is Ms. Obtuse for obvious reasons.  The names are not based on any known or unknown person.  My blog is fiction based on fact.

I hope my information will be entertaining and helpful for anyone who cares to read 

Be careful out there!